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Worm & lapel guard and some counters

Bjj scout break down of the position 🙂

Counters, ain’t had a chance to try these out yet but they’re far better than anything I’ve come up with 🙂

Lapel guard, going after his opposite leg this time but using the same lapel as b4…

Uh oh, its evolved already 😕

Keenan using worm guard to beat Braulio

This time against Jackson Souza, combo of the lapel guard, threading the needle and worm guard about 2 mins in

A bit of lapel guard in action in comp by keenan, quiet a while back too 😕

A bit against Jackson Souza

Mendes bros using the lapel to pass guard here in the 1st vid, defo trying this one out

Bita lapel guard going down in brazil, check out from 3.55 on as he uses the lapel to reinforce his de la riva hook and then also a kneebar option from lapel guard.

Keenan using worm guard variation in a very close match with multiple world champion Buchecha

3.45 in, Michael Langhi using the lapel to strengthen his 50/50 position with Lo



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