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Vitor Shaolin podcast…

Another top podcast from the open mat crew,

“When I play bottom in MMA, there’s one thing I already know. You only rest when you stay on top. You not rest on the bottom from closed or open guard. That’s a law.”

  • Why he has spent his entire career under the tutelage of one master, André Pederneiras
  • Why today’s generation need to respect and revere the older generation of BJJ fighters
  • Shaolin talks about the role of loyalty in jiu-jitsu culture and why gym jumping will hurt your jiu-jitsu
  • Find out what it was like to train during the golden days of Nova Uniao
  • Shaolin explains what style of jiu-jitsu is successful for MMA and why some jiu-jitsu fighters get smashed
  • Shaolin talks about the evolution of the jiu-jitsu scene in NYC and why he almost left it



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