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Thoughts on Rafael Mendes vs Paulo Miyao | IBJJF Europeans 2014 |

Thoughts on Rafael Mendes vs Paulo Miyao


Knee in middle n drop low when someone pulls guard

Combat base when tied up in spider etc, very low centre of gravity

Then come up higher for a mo when passing

Forces spider guard lasso

As hard to get dlr

Knee blocks closed guard

Hard to get normal spiders coz elbows are in, nothing to catch onto

Should be done for stalling though, very few passing attempts ?

He’s up an advantage vs miyao, so can wait there , miyao opens up a lil and then rafa will get him?

5.20 – as 1 leg comes down for dlr, rafa steps away from it to take angle/power out of dlr hook

5.30 – miyao loses control on that side, allowing rafa to pass on the other side. Well defended so rafa tries to drop under, towards back and crab ride

5.50 – heavy hips and leg pymmeling by miyao to defend Also grabs sleeve, so when rafa comes back on top he’s already got some control over him

6.10 – rafa blocks his elbow with his knee, preventing bicep ride

7.15 – crazy pass, wonder if he meant it smile emoticon

7.30 – serious guard recovery from miyao

8.00 – miyao goes after the legs again as his spider guard hasnt been effective and has yet to get rafa in dlr

8.25 – 50/50 entry by miyao, going to be hard to come from a 3-0 deficit now

Miyao feeds the lapel to give him more control over rafas knee,

Rafa runs down the clock in 50/50





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