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Taking care of your body

BJJ is a relatively new sport, I had not got a clue what it was when I first was introduced to it…

As such a whole lot of people are mainly self coached, not ideal but hard to avoid. Of course it has it’s upsides too but as a lot of the training is trial and error we can tell the next crop of prospects a more efficient way to train.

Taking care of your body is one such area that me and many of my training partners initially neglected. To our detriment. I have had to take far too much time out of training recently and one of the main reasons is that we didn’t stretch or stay on top of our flexibility/mobility.

Do not wait for something to be broken before you fix it, especially not when it comes to your body. Prevention is always best. We’re looking for the long term results and you can’t have your body breaking down when the journey is far from complete.

Always keep the long term goals in mind.  Just a few minutes a day can make all the difference.

I am only getting started but some good resources that I have come across are;



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