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Gwan Galvao

Miyao Berimbolo



From 23minutes in there is a proper breakdown of how the Miyao’s do their Berimbolo.

Usually people leave out a lota key details in these sorta demos but this seems like the real deal to me 🙂



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BJJ scout

Another great vid, whoever the bjj scout is, they know their stuff!


The bad boy olympian

How grappling turned around a young mans life completely…

Gangster grippin’

few transitions-2013 worlds highlight


Wanna know what jiu jitsu is all about? This mini documentary sums it up pretty well…


Serious quote about pressure thrown in there too…

Saulo! inspirational guy

Moz’s Brailian adventure

Good friend and training partner, Moz, has managed to get a full year training in Rio! Well gel…
Anyway, keep up to date with how hes getting on

D15 fitness/things to do

Looking for something new to try?

Plenty of benefits can be got from trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, most people don’t really know what it is so we have a free 30 day tryout so people can see for them selves how great this activity is.

satori flyer a4 72dpi

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BJJ Scout- Rodolfo part 3 :-)

Get em!


Full article here

Copa podio highlight- sept 13

Red rocket is gone

Had to sell my car today, 98 red starlet 1.3 litre.
Emotional stuff.
Bought the car when I finished work almost 3 years ago now, to get to all the training I wanted to do.
Had some great times in Roxie aka Big Red.
Done about 60,000 miles (plenty of it without any oil) and never had a problem.
On the way to the NCT there and the engine finally gave way, valve blown.
Still managed to sell it for 330euro to be exported to Africa, it’ll be brought back to life.
Fare ye well,
Fair maiden

NOGI Worlds 1 dollar

Must be a sale on or something, get your registration below while its still cheap 🙂

Omo’s :-)

Buchecha highlight


Some interesting stuff from 1.03.00 in, explains a lot….

BJJ Scout Aug 13

BJJ Scout is back with a new vid! The last few have been top notch, this takes a slightly different approach….


Mc Gregor trailor

Aug 17th is less than a week away now…