Satori Stories

Satori Stories- Taylor Bradley

Satori Stories- Taylor Bradley

“The event was the Dublin open international 2018.

After a couple of years of competing at blue belt I never quite put on the performance that I was looking for and had never got to the top of the podium. Not to be too discouraged. I know the way the sport works. It takes time. I also knew this will be my last competition at blue belt. So, my eyes were on double gold.

Topped off with my coaches wrapping the purple belt around my waist and onto the next chapter. Expectation usually leads to disappointment Which I experienced.

I lost my first match on points. Frustration didn't last long as there is always that wildcard to salvage the day. Open weight. I put my name down and had my first match. I finished with an armbar from closed guard and won my second by points. It was my final competition at blue belt. It was a special day; one I Will Never Forget.

I also had my eldest daughter competing with me who trains at Satori for 6 years now Which makes it even more special. Anyway, I got promoted to purple belt on the top of the podium and I was happy with that.”