Satori Stories

Satori Stories- Thomas G Anderson

Satori Stories- Thomas G Anderson

“I joined Satori 2 and a half years ago to try something different and to train with my brother. There was certainly anxiety to walk into a martial arts gym and look to begin training.

This anxiety I quickly discovered was not necessary. The coaching staff immediately made me feel very welcome and at ease. Over the years in Satori I have made great friends, both inside the club and the BJJ community.

 I have been up and down the country with Satori both competing and supporting my teammates. I have gained great life skills from Jiu Jitsu regarding working and thinking under pressure, also finding ways out of what appear to be impossible situations.

John and Pat the head coaches have put their heart and soul into Satori and their students. A sentiment that is clearly seen and felt when you step inside our HQ.”