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Rodolfo Viera vs Andre Galvao – wpjjc 2014

Nice single leg by Rodolfo at the start, of course he is bigger and stronger which helps but he also pulls back slightly b4 dropping on the single, nice way of weakening the effect of Galvaos right hand from stopping him getting close…
Lovely change of angle to finish the single leg also, utilising the collar grip which he maintained thru out.
Its an uphill battle from there for Galvao who is stuck trying to maintain and recover his guard for a few minutes as Rodolfo moves side to side, testing the guard and bringing a lot of heavy pressure, often with the knee slide.
Eventually Rodolfo finds/forces an opportunity at 6.05, he is almost past but Galvao is framing nicely and about to create some space and reguard but Rodolfo switches sides nicely to put Galvao flat on his back and bring the match to 5-0.
That side to side swag definitely paid off and Rodolfo lands a nice ezikiel



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