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Rigan Michado podcast

Great podcasts at in which he covers the following and more…

  • Rigan describes the competition scene in his day including some of the fighters that never got the recognition he thinks they deserve
  • Rigan takes us through the early days of jiu-jitsu in America to today
  • What it’s like to teach and train with BJ Penn, Dan Inosanto, Chuck Norris and Erik Paulson
  • Why does Rigan think that a 67 year old white belt became his best student
  • Why didn’t Rigan fight in the UFC? Can we blame Chuck Norris?
  • Rigan talks about a possible Machado Reality TV show and his plans for a new multinational pro-am jiu-jitsu league
  • Rigan gives his thoughts on the IBJJF belt standards and tells us what hes doing about it



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