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Nice post today from headcoach, John Kavanagh.
Mental side of the game is so important, get it right!

ok i’m going to give you the secret to my success. it might annoy some from my gym to give it away…but i think it’ll be largely ignored so probably pretty safe to do it. if its not ignored i think it leads to a better environment for everyone so its win-win.
something i’ve been asked a few times lately in interviews is how important do i think the mental game is. my answer is usually the same – as skill level increases the technical difference between fighters becomes less obvious. for example at amateur level a fighter may win with a guard or stand up sequence their opponent has never seen. like the Falklands war, a case of superior technology overwhelming the opposition. this is not the case in the UFC, the highest level of MMA. available weaponry is almost equal (this is not the case in top 1% of UFC level fighters but that’s a different post) – so if available technology is equal then whats the difference? 1 thing, the mentality of the fighter on the night. that mentality is forged in the weeks, months and years leading up to the contest.
yes you’ve read that before, but what can you do about it practically? i’m going to give you 2 concrete things to do. first suggestion costs money – seek out an experienced sports psychologist. i recommend the one SBG uses
Conquer-Mental Skills Training David – 0862441068 (Ireland) / 07849597411 (UK). initially david would only look after SBG fighters but i insisted he offered his services to all mma teams out there as i thought the overall benefits to the community outweighed the negative.
that was not point of this post. here’s the point…and its free….be ABSOLUTELY STRIDENT about the people you let in your ‘circle’. i’ve coached a few fighters that are repeatedly used as examples in the media as fighters with exceptional mental strength and they all share a similar trait. if you are NEGATIVE then you will not be part of their ‘circle’. facebook is probably something everyone checks repeatedly during the day (regular snacks for the brain?). how careful are you of the posts you allow to appear on your newsfeed daily? you are careful of the food you consume to help the physical part of your training, are you equally obsessive about what you allow in to your mind to fuel your thoughts?? we all have up and down days but if you have a friend that continually posts negative stuff like bitching, moaning, complaining, negative side of sport/life such as leg breaks and ‘fails’ rather than beautiful techniques and ‘win’ then BLOCK them. do it, but only if you are serious about the pursuit of happiness and personal greatness.
‘lucky’ people are the same as everyone else. they just have a knack of spotting opportunities that are there for everyone but their mindset highlights the positive. start today, start now. only have positive thoughts and people in your facebook feed. might seem insignificant and maybe there’s a lot more you can do…but its a start.
see you on the mats!
Coach JK.



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