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Michael Liera jr pans 2014

One of the big names to keep an eye on in the future for sure.
Here he’s working, what would certainly be very irritating for his opponent, a combination of double lasso 🙁 and closed guard.
A lot of high level guys are going straight to spider guard initially to slow down their opponent and frustrate them into making mistakes, here Liera then uses the closed guard to start his attacks.
Its very difficult to escape his closed guard and he has the muscle sweep to fall back on if IF you can even stand up.
If you somehow manage to get past the muscle sweep and open his guard, its back to the double lasso 🙁 and then when the times right he’ll get you back into the closed guard.
I feel for anybody trying to pass this guard, Liera is of course very technical but these particular tactic will really slow down the fight and frustrate anybody caught up in it….



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