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Leandro Lo vs Rodolfo Vieira – WPJJC 2014

Nicely timed takedown by Rodolfo as Lo pulls guard by no score from the ref, even nicer recovery from the smash pass position by Lo into the 1 leg x on a much bigger opponent.
Nicely timed improvement on the 1 leg x also, as Rodolfo brings his free leg close to begin escaping the position, Lo grabs the bottom of his pants, making it much easier to sweep
some serious back on forth here, with Lo using the berimbolo to scramble on top .
Check out the nice closed guard combinations from Rodolfo before he hits one of his favourite sweeps, the takedown sweep from half guard, adapted here for when the opponent is standing.
Lo comes straight back with the x guard takedown sweep himself but Rodolfo wriggles his knee free, which can often happen and then settles into some nice standup cominations before Lo manages to jump the closed guard.
Rodolfo easily opens the closed guard and goes for the knee slide but Lo has begun and succeeds to establish his favourite guard grips which he usually sweeps from.
Although in this case Rodolfo hits a nicely timed pass, running to north south to break the grips/control and then re-passes while Lo has no grips which is of course much easier.
Rodolfo then swiftly finishes once past, which he didn’t do so often in previous years so is perhaps focusing on this aspect of his game at the moment…



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