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Is social media changing the way we interact when not online?

I haven’t really been out so much in the pub or club much for a few years. Busy training and then most weekends I would just be recovering, eating a lot of food, sleeping and sitting around the house with my girlfriend.
Have been out the last few weeks, just in a local pub, nothing fancy. And is it just me or has things changed?

Sooo many people are in the pub but not really there, a million miles away on their phones. What’s the point in even going to the pub if your not going to interact with the people you went there with? The awkward, and frankly rude, mid conversation twitch to take out your phone and then just not respond to someone that’s been talking to you and is right in front of you.
More often than not people aren’t even interacting with others online, they’re just stalking them. EEEK indeed

Maybe it’s just me, I’ve said something rude for you to abrubtly end the convo? Or maybe I’m just that boring that I’m not worth your attention?
But at every table I look to there is a minimum of 1 person on their phone, sometimes as one person takes out there phone, the whole table follows suit, determined not to be left behind by what evers happening on facebook etc, and then sometimes end up chating online when the person is literally inches from you???

And the photos! why so many? I like a nice photo, it helps you remember the good times which is great because my memory ain’t the best after all the smacks I got to the head 😕 But 100 photos down the local, literally 100. And very few if any of them are ‘real’ photos. E.g. the people are completely posing and the photo doesn’t really represent whats actually happening. You have to smile and pose in every single photo but then as soon as it’s taken you immediately retreat back into your online world?
People literally only getting off their phone long enough to stand infront of a bunch of dancing people and take a quick snap to make it look as though they are dancing around too (which they very easily could be if they wanted, they are in a pub with other people dancing) of course the pic is straight up on facebook. WDF !

‘The selfie’? Or as I think of it, ‘the loner’ . Fair enough if you are out on a scenic walk etc with a loved one and wanna capture the moment, but when your surrounded by people? surely if the photo is worth taking you could get someone else to take it for you. Alone in a crowd of people.
It seems like social media, as it only propels certain parts of human interaction and favours the extrovert, is causing a race to the bottom. Whether it’s wearing progressively less clothes in profile pictures to get more attention, faking social situations or dumbing down your posts so they appeal to more people and subsequently you get more likes aka are liked more?

Why can’t people just be themselves? fair enough social media encourage you to behave a particular way/garnish an image but surely if your are faking it then the false image can’t last the test of time? Unless I suppose that you become the fake image, or everybody is faking it so it’s ok?



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