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How is yoga good for BJJ

I’ve been wondering this for some time.
Initially I only thought of yoga as a way to improve flexibility, which would be great for your guard etc. I concentrated mainly on butterfly guard so never really bothered to stretch for years and am suffering now as a result
I have started doing regular yoga routines the past 7 weeks, bar a 2 week gap when I was in a cast.
Better flexibility is a must now that I have started trying to play various other types of open guard.
But more important is to try and reverse the chronic pain I have in my hip. The improved flexibility will no doubt help, but there are other benefits too.

For a more expert opinion on yoga, check out Sebastian Broches site at

Check out the attached link.
Would many of these benefits also be available from flow rolling?

If you want to give yoga a try, Sebastian Brosche has a site on yoga for bjj
I have found that a complete yoga routine is easiest as I am not experienced at yoga and a full routine can make sure I don’t miss anything and it doesn’t take any time to plan.
Heres another one that I found useful

Heres a link broche sent me to help figure out my hip pain, too much tension in the area can cause un-necessary pain



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