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Looking at some other sports for a different view on tactics , some great insights to be had be looking outside the jits bubble, ossie

Very good breakdown of some bruce lee ideas on tactics, applied to boxing

Bruce lee philosophy over a kron gracie highlight, be water my friend πŸ™‚

Tapa tapa tapa , frustrating opponent into making mistakes

Sugar ray robinson, sooo slick . At one stage had a pro record of 128-1 , yeah that’s right, 128 wins win only one loss by decision. Was also 85-0 as an amateur, Ridonkilous !

Sugar ray highlight

Floyd meathweather 48-0 , tactis more from a pure boxing perspective but interesting all the same

Straight ankle lock

Great breakdown of the straight ankle lock here

King Cobra 6 dvd set

**** Don’t share it round or it will be taken down for sure ***

disc 1

disc 2

disc 3

MYA 4 disc dvd

*** Don’t share em round or else the vids will be taken down for sure **

disc 1

disc 2

disc 3

disc 4

Few highlights πŸ™‚

Judo throws in MMA

Roy Dean vids

Fairly good overview and breakdown, almost hypnotic πŸ™‚

Leg drag

Pancake guard by keenan cornelius

Been doing this one for a while but never had a name for it, everyone else calls it annoying lil hooks…
Heres a real good breakdown of it by keenan, for more info check out

Standup grip fighting advanced

Few combinations, ha πŸ™‚

Standup grip fighting intro

Some interesting stuff on the link below, who knew it was so complex just to grab somebody πŸ™‚


Recently tried a few classes of Judo, and its great!
Pretty much the same as BJJ but some different rule sets.
Was told to check out the info on this blog and found it very helpful so I’m sharing it with you guy!

Miyao Berimbolo



From 23minutes in there is a proper breakdown of how the Miyao’s do their Berimbolo.

Usually people leave out a lota key details in these sorta demosΒ but this seems like the real deal to me πŸ™‚



Miyao rolled up, miyao berimbolo, miyao bros, miyao brothers

Gangster grippin’

Caca Milis

I remember first trying to learn the berimbolo, so confusing πŸ˜• Serious auld move to have in the arsenal though….Check it out


Shoulder drop

Rodolfo! Judo for BJJ

2 part breakdown of judo applied excellently in BJJ…..too good!

Leandro Lo guard breakdown

Great vid! Check it out…

Leandro Lo breakdown vid from worlds 2013

Bjj Scout has a new video out, quick breakdown of Leandro Lo’s performance at the worlds. Some really good vids on their site, P.S Lo is unreal! what do you guys think of his performance?

Spider-DLR/X hybrid by Leandro Lo

Highly effective guard combining multiple guards making escape/counter very difficult. Easy way to get around some of the difficulties playing spider guard if you have short legs like me πŸ™‚

Rodolfo Viera guard passing breakdown

Too Good!

Pass guard like Leandro Lo

Great breakdown of a highly effective passing style, check it out!