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Strength and Muscles

Simple and easy to understand diagram of some strength training and the areas it benefits

Strength for injury prevention

25 studies
26,000 people
Strength training reduced sports injuries to less than 1/3 and overuse injuries could be almost halved.
# Strength for injury prevention


Periodization over a season of BJJ, strength

Overloading training



Interesting info on peroidisation for those interested in long term development and comp success.
More of a Judo outlook as its from mc coler but its all G….pdf

Feet arches

Where alota knee n hips problems start, the foundation

Training schedule

So friggin complicated!

There doesn’t seem to be a set best practise here at all….

But heres a few approcaches to structuring training for optimal results (keep in mind some might be over-exaggerated to psych out the opposition, many are helped by steroids, and periodization is most likely used too)

Very interesting, only a tiny difference can make all the difference…