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Rafael and Guilherme Mendes podcast

Check it out!

This Week In BJJ Episode 3 – Rafael and Guilherme Mendes.

Methamoris podcast

Great recap on the recent event, find out the following

  • Hear the Metamoris post fight press conference in its entirety and listen to what the fighters and promoters had to say about the event
  • We recap Metamoris and break down each match on the card
  • Find out who won gold at the 2012 ADCC North American Championships
  • Learn about the upcoming Fight Summit Annual Business Conference in Las Vegas and hear some of the confirmed names conducting training sessions and workshops
  • Find out where you can watch an upcoming 8-man no-gi submission only tournament that features some of the west coast’s top grapplers

Stephan Bonnar podcast

Check it out here. Topics covered include

  • Stephan relives his experience on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter
  • He opens up about the times he fought injured throughout his career
  • Hear where Stephan’s drive to fight comes from
  • Stephan talks about the toughest fights of his career
  • Learn Stephan’s weight cutting routine and hear about the time he lost 17 pounds in under three hours
  • Stephan takes us inside his training camp for his fight against Anderson Silva
  • He talks about his Punch Buddies t-shirts and his future after fighting

Gustavo Dantas podcast part 1

Listen to him at where he talks about his training background, how he ended up in Arizona, the importance of competition, mental skills, physical skills and much more!

Roger Gracie podcast…

The man himself covering a wide range of Jiu Jitsu related topics, check it out


Vitor Shaolin podcast…

Another top podcast from the open mat crew,

“When I play bottom in MMA, there’s one thing I already know. You only rest when you stay on top. You not rest on the bottom from closed or open guard. That’s a law.”

  • Why he has spent his entire career under the tutelage of one master, André Pederneiras
  • Why today’s generation need to respect and revere the older generation of BJJ fighters
  • Shaolin talks about the role of loyalty in jiu-jitsu culture and why gym jumping will hurt your jiu-jitsu
  • Find out what it was like to train during the golden days of Nova Uniao
  • Shaolin explains what style of jiu-jitsu is successful for MMA and why some jiu-jitsu fighters get smashed
  • Shaolin talks about the evolution of the jiu-jitsu scene in NYC and why he almost left it

BJ Penn podcast part 2

Part 2 of this not to be missed podcast, get the low down on the following….

“Now I realize, like, if you never want to see your student again, then tell him don’t go. If you want to see him again, tell him show me what you learned when you come back.”

“I really do feel like I haven’t reached my peak yet.”

  • Find out how BJ Penn got his start in the UFC
  • What BJ Penn, Tank Abbott, and the movie “Warrior” have in common
  • How BJ thinks his previous roller coaster lifestyle impacted his MMA career
  • Why he will teach jiu-jitsu rather than MMA
  • What two martial arts BJ considers perfect for self defense
  • What advice BJ would give to a younger version of himself

BJ Penn podcast part 1

Check out this interview from the man himself, its over at and he covers the following and more…

  • BJ sets the record straight on his feelings toward Ralph Gracie.
  • BJ talks about his first scrap with gloves on.
  • What a teenage BJ felt on the flight to the mainland to train with Ralph Gracie
  • He talks candidly about the most influential people in his early life as a martial artist including Ralph Gracie, Dave Camarillo, Charuto, André Pederneiras and more.
  • He explains the “Gang Mentality” of early jiu-jitsu tournaments.
  • BJ takes us through his first tournament as a white belt to being the first American to win the mundials (including his match with Terere).
  • How he proved to André Pederneiras that he was ready to fight at black belt

Rigan Michado podcast

Great podcasts at in which he covers the following and more…

  • Rigan describes the competition scene in his day including some of the fighters that never got the recognition he thinks they deserve
  • Rigan takes us through the early days of jiu-jitsu in America to today
  • What it’s like to teach and train with BJ Penn, Dan Inosanto, Chuck Norris and Erik Paulson
  • Why does Rigan think that a 67 year old white belt became his best student
  • Why didn’t Rigan fight in the UFC? Can we blame Chuck Norris?
  • Rigan talks about a possible Machado Reality TV show and his plans for a new multinational pro-am jiu-jitsu league
  • Rigan gives his thoughts on the IBJJF belt standards and tells us what hes doing about it