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2013 Look Back Newsletter

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Look Back Newsletter 2013Me and Pat are both life long martial artists but never did we expect to own our school….That all changed in 2013 and it has been one of the best decisions that we ever made.We’ve been lucky enough to encounter a great bunch of people, you couldn’t ask for better 🙂

It’s been a great journey so far and long may it last!

The BeginningAprilThere was a huge amount of work behind the scenes to get things up and running, as there was for the whole of 2013 really.But when your doing something that you love it makes everything so much easier.



Thanks for all the support guys, right from the beginning we’ve had the right bunch of people and right atmosphere. Essential !

Hectic Few Months The next few months were some hectic ones, trying to come to terms with being business owners and stay on top of our own training etc wasn’t an easy adjustment to make.Thankfully it all went smoothly, with the club steadily gaining pace and our own training paid dividends when John became only the second Irishman ever to qualify for the World Championships in Abu Dhabi.
 GradingsJuly & OctoberEverybody’s enthusiasm and drive was evident from the offset and as such we held 2 stripes testings in 2013.

Usually a new club would have to wait quiet a while before they reached this stage but everybody was progressing so well that it had to be done 🙂

 Kids ClassesSeptemberWe were born in the area and have lived here pretty much for our entire lives so we were excited about being able to share BJJ with the future generations of D15.

It took ALOT more hassle than we realized to get the kids classes up and running but once all the setup/admin was out of the way it was brilliant.


Pat has been teaching children’s balance and co-ordination classes all over Dublin so his experience really paid off with both children and parent alike highly recommending the programme.

Competitions Tournaments are a great way to help focus your training and gage your progress. Of course most members were still learning their trade before making the great leap into comp, but a few did and really represented themselves, and their club, to a very high standard. Truly impressed not only with the results but more importantly with the mind frame and attitudes, which is essential to sporting success at the highest levels. 

We also held our own competition in December, the Dublin Open International. Thanks to everybody for the help getting setup the night before and for the help on the day. We couldn’t have done it without you.


The desire to run a comp came from 2012 when there were only a few comps on and with varying levels of professionalism. With the Dublin Open International we have set a standard for other promoters to live up to or risk becoming obsolete.


This was probably the largest ever BJJ comp on the Island not to mention the best organized, highest standard, best medals and nicest venue. And all that for the same price or cheaper than the competition, and this our first attempt? The comp scene is changing, and for the better….

 Socials Hard to find something to do in Ireland that doesn’t involve drinking so we made a few trips to nandos and then a much hyped visit to grill town which turned out to be too small for us all to fit in 😀  Good times all the same…


Of course we did make the trek into town one faithful night, Laffayettes was the destination and a thoroughly good bit of team bonding went down…..will have to do it again soon for sure !  No photos included of that one though 😕

 More CompsEnd of the yearAs the year came to a close, we made as many high level competitions as possible. We keep aiming for world class comps so that we can share our experience with you guys and help you avoid any of the mistakes that we make along the way.


We had the comps booked in before picking up a few injuries so preparation was far from ideal but still alot of experienced was gained if not any medals, this time……