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Romulo guard

Breakdown of developing the Romulo guard by the man himself

Joe rogan podcast on conditioning

very interesting Joe rogan podcast on conditioning, probably something people should look at when making the leap from training 2 or 3 times a week to going to a more professional schedule, along with yoga or some rehab
wish I hada done anyways πŸ™‚


ted x talk on flow, simple but effective

and another good one on how to be you πŸ™‚

UFC knowledge bombs

Mc Gregor train smart and evolve everything, work around what opposition are doing
UFC knowledge bombs

Weidman mental strength
UFC knowledge bombs

French judo


French judo

Few throws πŸ™‚

Straight ankle lock

Great breakdown of the straight ankle lock here

Paddy ‘the hooligan’ holohan

Fair play to Paddy Holohan, get guy to train with and you can see why from this short clip


Periodization over a season of BJJ, strength

Overloading training


tai otoshi

another one from mc coler, tai otoshi, fair gud


Interesting info on peroidisation for those interested in long term development and comp success.
More of a Judo outlook as its from mc coler but its all G….pdf


working on a new position to tie in nicely with HEX guard πŸ™‚
thought I would call it cheese after some inspiration from a friend of a friend, really looking forward to getting into the lab this week and checking out the theory and hopefully get experimental with it soon πŸ™‚


#hexguard some a that hocus pocus shiiee

brock lesnar

brock lesnar wrestling in the -124kg weight class to make the ncaa finals, crazy

seoi nage

seoi nage

reverse triangle

serious series of back attacks here with a beautiful transition from the boe n arrow choke to the reverse triangle for the finish at 7.55.00

how to tie your bjj trousers

how to tie your bjj trousers


you got it?

BJJ back pain

It is very common for people to have bjj back pain, not just from BJJ, but this is definitely something to be avoided if you want to maximise your bjj potential
check out this reverse hyper vid, I have been usin it for 2 weeks now in combination with other mobility and strengthening routines. Bit early to comment on success etc yet but I can definitely feel something when using the reverse hyper.
It appears that stress and anxiety are also large contributors to back pain so I have also been trying to address that.
TMS and CMP can also be physical manifestations of this stress and anxiety, some foam rolling might help

facebook ads

your time and money could be spent better elsewhere, knew something was up with facebook ads for a while but this vid really explained it well

back pain

how much of back, neck, hip pain etc is mental rather than physical?
that’s the main point of this book which I found quiet interesting. I don’t fully agree with the point of view but certainly a proportion of back pain can be tackled mentally and personally I have found stress and anxiety to really compound injuries, vicious cycle that can be hard to break


just had this audio book recommended to me, 1/2 an hour into it and some interesting stuff covered so far.
found the book ‘bounce’ to be along the same lines but also incorporates how important opportunity is in allowing/helping a person become a master in their chosen field.
I will get there eventually πŸ™‚


new move in the mix πŸ™‚
crazy setup that my legs might be too short for and opponent not quiet flexible enough for, but its all good

Miyao quote

– So you lost ? Shut up and train more.

few more here

And a few tunes for the positive visualization πŸ™‚

social media and lonelyness – interesting stuff