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Jits back

Few interesting articles on back pain which is all too common in jits
author describes discs as being similar to balloons, when you squeeze on side, they bulge out at the opposite side of the balloon.

-some common danger areas in BJJ are no doubt;
-being stacked
-the occasional takedown, throw or sketchy guard pull which can crunch you up somewhat
-situp guard and people flow on your head/guilloteine combo
-trying to force a double leg takedown, when opponent is well sprawled on your head
-some submissions eg arm in guilly, arm triangles etc
-playing some open guards with sufficient hip dexterity and compromising your spine to make up for this
-closed guard attacks like armbar/triangle combos, without keeping your hip elevated/spine strong
-passing guard with bad posture/opponent is breaking your posture
-muscle failure/consistent overtraining
-bad posture
-injury/lack of strength/lack of mobility causing muscles to not work as they should

What to do?

-90% of cases resolve themselves within 6 weeks by themselves, so just make sure not to aggrevate it any further

After that

-light yoga for your spine (moving spine in all directions from being on hands and knees, but never forcing range of motion beyond comfortable) joints need movement to receive nutrients
– routine from book, pain free (thanks to darragh and broche for recommending it)
– supplements may help, I take fish oils, glucosamine, primrose oil, gellatin (animal collagen) , vitamin C (helps absorption of collagen) (discs are primarily made of collagen) plus otheres
– water , improves absorption of nutrients
– stress + anxiety will compound pain so avoid these

After that

-keep doing what your doing, even after you think its ok. Far to often I have been feeling good, begin to ramp up the training again but forget to keep ontop of the above. Its usually fine for a week or 2, but then the discomfort starts creeping back into the sciatic channel
– stay active, but nothing too intense. some walking etc is good
– a more advanced yoga routine, I like this one


-start adding some strength in , don’t get carried away as I too often do, and keep in mind that your strengthening to prevent injury, not go as heavy as you can and then injury yourself all over again
– drilling
– light rounds


– proper rolling 🙂
– you will most likely need to stay ontop of your rehab indefinitely, if you just roll and ignore it, as I have unfortunately done too often, Jits back may start reappearing
– monitor how you feel and take a temporary step back from training if you sense any warning signs/symptoms reappearing

The Mind Gym

The mental side of the game is what defines true champions.
I was recommended this book so here’s a link to it for you guys 🙂!164&ithint=file%2c.pdf&app=WordPdf&wdo=2&authkey=!ABm1Wl9jo9pRdYM

Nogi Euros article June 2013

nogi ibjjf euro article 2013 pdf

Good article on optomizing workout time

Check it out at