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Receipe for a great start to the day here from headcoach



I know a lot of you guys have been trying to eat healthier / better so i thought i’d try help seen as i have eaten this exact meal for breakfast (sometimes even lunch and dinner cause it tastes so good!) everyday for no exaggeration the last 7 years straight! I It is perfect before or after morning training or before you go about your normal day. It’s loaded with good nutrients and will keep you full for ages, give you good sustained energy and like i said it’s …so tasty you’ll want to eat it all the time.

The version i have made here is for ultimate taste but you can add/subtract ingredients you don’t like, the core ingredients however have to be eggs, peppers and spinach, everything else is just a tasty bonus, the cooking method will be the same!

Ultimate Eggs Mix Ingredients:

However many eggs you like, i used 4 here.
1/2 a Red Bell Pepper
1 Onion
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Big Handful of Baby Spinach
1 Handful Mushrooms
Small bit of Chorizo
Tea/tablespoon of Coconut Oil to taste


Chop all the veg and chorizo, crack eggs into a bowl and whisk them.

Heat up a large Skillet/Frying pan, put in the coconut oil then the onions garlic and pepper and sauté / stir for a minute or two, then add the mushrooms/chorizo and stir fry until oil draws from the chorizo or the mushrooms shrink slightly, then add the spinach and stir. Pour the whisked eggs over the whole lot and stir tip the eggs are cooked through. Put it in a large bowl, if you have avocado chop some and put it on top, i also really like any kind of hot sauce all over the eggs too!

And there you go. The greatest breakfast known to mankind in a matter of minutes. It might seem like some effort to make this, but honestly guys once you drill your chopping / prep skills enough and get your routine down you can make this in less than 15 minutes (i do everyday!), and even if it takes you a little more time, it’s well worth it for the taste and good nutrients you’ll get for the day vs having some cornflakes or some toast! It’s just like learning an arm bar or a guard pass, when you first try you have to go slow and try remember all the steps, but once you’ve practiced enough you can do them fast and without thought!

Give it a go and try tell me it’s not the tastiest thing ever, that you aren’t full or that you don’t feel great!! Like i said add or subtract ingredients to save time or to taste, I eat this meal literally everyday regardless of whether i am dieting to make weight or not, just make it with less / more ingredients or eggs.

Hope you guys enjoy!




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