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BJJ Competitions And Tournaments

We hold multiple annual BJJ Competitions And Tournaments, namely:

Dublin International Open



Plus other tournaments as they become available, UAEJJF etc




In our inaugural event we set a precedent for how competitions should be run. Subsequently we attracted one of the largest ever amounts of competitors on the emerald isle along with international talent.

Up to this point a European champion at brown belt or above had never competed in Ireland, and we had 3 of them ! Namely Thomas Oyarzun of Switzerland, Ross Nicholls representing the UK and finally our very own Darragh O Connaill.

Make sure to join in the fun next time round, usually the first Saturday in December and of course the infamous afterparty!



Dublin International Open

Great event last year but were aiming to go even bigger and better this time around !!!

Cash prizes for both Brown & Black belt absolutes!

Equipment prizes for other belts! More details to follow…

Whether your getting some prep in before the Euros or capping off a years worth of training before the festive scoops, this is the comp for you

We aim to bring you a top class event and save you the cost of travelling abroad.

With everybody’s continued support this event will keep growing and be a great resource for the community.

2 purple belt current European champions in attendance this time around, namely Max Lindblaad and Muujig Altantugs!




Sub Only Summer Smackdown

One of the 1st events of it’s kind in Ireland, aiming to evolve the national scene and help develop well rounded competitors.

Tournament ran very smoothly and was well received by all participants.

UAEJJF National Pro Championships Ireland

2015 also saw us host Abu Dhabi trials in Ireland for the 1st time ever.
Previously the largest ever amount of Irish atheletes to qualify for the finals was 1.
2015 saw 5 Irish athletes qualify for the finals and have all their costs covered, hopefully a catalyst for further growth



Small niche tournament aimed at 2 specific areas, to give national talent a chance to blossom, from the grassroots up

  1. People with less than 6 months experience who have never competed before
  2. People with over 6 months experience but never medalled at a comp before


We aim to maintain these BJJ Competitions And Tournaments going forward and hopefully add to them, to help the growth of BJJ in Ireland and give athletes the opportunity to sharpen their game and provide a platform for international success