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BJ Penn podcast part 1

Check out this interview from the man himself, its over at and he covers the following and more…

  • BJ sets the record straight on his feelings toward Ralph Gracie.
  • BJ talks about his first scrap with gloves on.
  • What a teenage BJ felt on the flight to the mainland to train with Ralph Gracie
  • He talks candidly about the most influential people in his early life as a martial artist including Ralph Gracie, Dave Camarillo, Charuto, André Pederneiras and more.
  • He explains the “Gang Mentality” of early jiu-jitsu tournaments.
  • BJ takes us through his first tournament as a white belt to being the first American to win the mundials (including his match with Terere).
  • How he proved to André Pederneiras that he was ready to fight at black belt



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