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Back in bizness

Been quiet on the post and BJJ training the last while but aiming to get back ontop of my schedule again and get back at it….

Been a busy past few month;
Finally got a diagnosis on a injury that’s been coming and going the last 16 months so hopefully I can properly address that now.
Visited Canada, vegas and L.A with the lady friend
10 days training at AOJ 🙂 missed a day with sun stroke though 😕
Kids classes back up and running and extra class added
doubled the amount of classes at satori
3 new sub only lines designed and samples en route
5 new sub only lines in design phase
4 weeks until Dublin Int Open
hosted Thomas Oyarzun for Ireland seminars
WPJJC Ireland qualifier bid in and Team Ireland BJJ organisation underway.

Lota admin left to be done but hopefully I can go back to concentrating on the good stuff , training and coaching, and just do enough work in the other areas to maintain the gains that have been made and facilitate organic growth….
Easier said that done but sure fingers crossed a good balance can be struck and maintained,
See ya on the mats 🙂 Osu !



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